With over 100 years of combined experience in the commercial construction industry, our expert team is ready to build a high-quality, innovative project for you, on time and on budget.

We'll partner with you in a design-build, general contracting, or construction management arrangement—whichever is most beneficial to your project.

We can handle construction scheduling, supervision, bid procurement, budgeting and cost control, management reporting, insurance, material selection, document control, project closing, and point out any cost-saving opportunities along the way.

Paradigm Construction only hires top quality professionals, subcontractors, and vendors. We have built relationships with many great individuals and businesses over the years. Construction is a market driven business, and while we remain competitive, we stress quality over cost, as effective time management with solid performance will save our clients money in the long run. Ultimately, at Paradigm Construction, we bring unmatched value to each and every one of our clients.

In addition, our construction team is available to assist you with any and all elements of the commercial construction process.


Construction Management

Construction Management is a method that utilizes a construction manager to assist the owner with design and construction throughout the duration of the project. It is most beneficial to the customer to involve construction manager in the project as early as possible. The construction manager advances the project by procuring materials and equipment as well as organizing people to help finish the project on time.

Paradigm Construction provides a variety of Construction Management services that are used keep projects on schedule and within budget. Those services include: Scheduling, Estimating, Utility Company Coordination, Permit Management, Subcontractor/Supplier Coordination, Quality Control, Cost Reporting, Inspections, Occupancy Permit & Owner Move-In Coordination, Punch list Completion, and Contract Closeout.

As your Construction Manager, it is our job to guide you through the various steps of you project, all while keeping you informed on project specifics such as cost, scheduling, value engineering options, planning, phasing, and completion.



Design-Build is the method of construction in which one company, the Design-Build Company, has a single contract with you, the customer, to provide the overall design and construction services. Design-Build allows you to have more say in the design and construction of their project.

Paradigm Construction tends to favor design-build construction because of the sheer number of advantages it can offer our clients.

With design-build, there is no separation between design and construction companies — Paradigm is able to do everything for you under one roof. This single source of responsibility has a number of advantages, including heightened project communication and lower costs for everyone.

You can rest assured that you are getting the highest-quality building possible, because fewer involved parties produce fewer communication errors, assuring that Paradigm’s handpicked team of professional architects, engineers, project managers, and builders will complete your project beautifully.

Design-build is also quicker and more cost-effective — in fact, it’s often referred to as “fast-track construction”, which means that Paradigm puts your project on an accelerated schedule, resulting in a tighter budget.

But this doesn’t mean Paradigm’s cutting any corners. Rather, it means that we have streamlined the construction process to maximize efficiency for a project that stays true to your expectations, your time, and your budget.


General Contracting

General Contracting provides all labor, materials, subcontractors, equipment, and services necessary to complete a construction project.

Typically with General Contracting, the owner has the plans and specifications prepared and ready to bid. This method has been the most widely used method but other practices such as Design-Build and Construction Management are growing in popularity.

General Contracting can be done by public bid or by invitation. With the public bid option, Paradigm is happy to work with outside subcontractors, suppliers, and we have the ability and experience to hire, supervise, and manage third parties to best benefit your project. Paradigm Construction can facilitate communications and has the reputation for finding creative solutions to even the most difficult challenges.

Once awarded a project, our commitment to you as an owner won't stop. Paradigm will continue to look at all cost saving solutions regarding material substitutions, equipment, and labor — without sacrificing your project's quality.