opportunity to live

As home ownership rates continue to decline, the demand for multi-family residential buildings increases. Whether you are looking to build a condominium complex, attached or detached townhouses, or a low-, medium-, or high-rise apartment complex, look no further than Paradigm Construction.


opportunity to build

Our industrial projects range from industrial warehouses to water towers. Whatever your need, Paradigm Construction will provide you with an industrial building that is efficient, cost-effective, and up to code.



opportunity to WORK

We have partnered time and time again with the region’s favorite retailers, including Taco Bell and B&G Milky Way, providing flexible team members, tremendous value, and indisputable results.


opportunity to worship

We work in partnership with the nationally-recognized Daniel Cook & Associates’ Building God’s Way program to provide Christian schools and churches with proven design and construction processes that allow them to realize cost savings and better promote their ministry during the construction process.




We partner with the Department of Veteran Affairs to develop structures to fulfill specific needs of our nation's veterans. A majority of these projects consist of VA hospitals.