Design-Build is the method of construction in which one company, the Design-Build Company, has a single contract with you, the customer, to provide the overall design and construction services. Design-Build allows you to have more say in the design and construction of their project.

Paradigm Construction tends to favor design-build construction because of the sheer number of advantages it can offer our clients.

With design-build, there is no separation between design and construction companies — Paradigm is able to do everything for you under one roof. This single source of responsibility has a number of advantages, including heightened project communication and lower costs for everyone.

You can rest assured that you are getting the highest-quality building possible, because fewer involved parties produce fewer communication errors, assuring that Paradigm’s handpicked team of professional architects, engineers, project managers, and builders will complete your project beautifully.

Design-build is also quicker and more cost-effective — in fact, it’s often referred to as “fast-track construction”, which means that Paradigm puts your project on an accelerated schedule, resulting in a tighter budget.

But this doesn’t mean Paradigm’s cutting any corners. Rather, it means that we have streamlined the construction process to maximize efficiency for a project that stays true to your expectations, your time, and your budget.