Construction Management

Construction Management is a method that utilizes a construction manager to assist the owner with design and construction throughout the duration of the project. It is most beneficial to the customer to involve construction manager in the project as early as possible. The construction manager advances the project by procuring materials and equipment as well as organizing people to help finish the project on time.

Paradigm Construction provides a variety of Construction Management services that are used keep projects on schedule and within budget. Those services include: Scheduling, Estimating, Utility Company Coordination, Permit Management, Subcontractor/Supplier Coordination, Quality Control, Cost Reporting, Inspections, Occupancy Permit & Owner Move-In Coordination, Punch list Completion, and Contract Closeout.

As your Construction Manager, it is our job to guide you through the various steps of you project, all while keeping you informed on project specifics such as cost, scheduling, value engineering options, planning, phasing, and completion.